White Paper: Governance Shift Left

A Data Governance Framework for Long-Term Enterprise Success

As enterprise data constantly expands, the importance of data governance expands with it.

After some time, no data governance framework is good enough. The sheer volume, lack of personnel, and disconnect between teams becomes a bottleneck that incurs costs and impacts ROI.

Moreover, trust in data is lost because data is broken. This is just a symptom to the underlying governance being broken as well.

Data Governance Shift Left is an Agile Lab methodology that allows you to impose data quality, automate your governance, and not worry about your expanding data pool ever again.

The framework allows CDOs and other stakeholders to:

  • Ensure governance isn't broken before data goes into production
  • Implement quickly and easily
  • Reestablish trust in data and metadata

  • Increase data literacy and ownership

It's time to update the data governance frameworks to a modern and automated framework.

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