Journey into the lifecycle of a computational policy. The white paper includes what a computational policy is and does.

White Paper: Journey into the
Lifecycle of a Computational Policy


Governance Policies are always back of mind for many organizations. It's not that they don't want to impose them or know their benefits... It's just that there's so little time left to ensure that all data is compliant with these policies.

So much to do leaves all stakeholders with a set of problems:

  • Data and metadata that are out-of-sync
  • Data stewards are not aligned with the process and with domain experts and data engineers
  • Handoff in knowledge-intensive tasks is becoming more and more error-prone
  • Data stewards have to fix debt and struggle to engage businesspeople after the project closes.

All of this can be fixed by making the policies computational (code). All you need is a platform.

It's easier than you think. Computational policies will not only ensure compliant data components but increase data quality, allowing you to gain maximum value from your data.

Learn more about computational policies in our white paper, including:

  • Understanding why computational policies are essential to scale efficiently
  • How to enable the complete management of computational policies from their creation to their retirement
  • Why the transparency and visibility of policies organization-wide is crucial
  • How to check data quality, privacy/compliance, security, contracts, lineage and many more
  • Why removing technology and vendor lock-in by applying technology agnostic principles to computational policies can save you hundreds of thousands of €.

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