Data Mesh in Action

Discover the newest paradigm in the data world and see how you can benefit from it.

Experience a paradigm shift from centralized to decentralized data architectures. Data Mesh addresses scaling challenges, empowering domain-oriented teams to take ownership of their data products, ensuring quality, governance, and delivery.

Leverage technological standardization to ensure interoperability, maintain quality, and simplify operations. Say goodbye to centralized data lakes and embrace a distributed architecture designed to propel your enterprise forward.

Embark on your Data Mesh journey today. Discover where you stand with the Data Mesh Readiness Assessment.

Your Go-To Guide for Data Mesh Implementations

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This whitepaper explores how businesses can identify, avoid, and solve the most common obstacles for scaling a successful Data Mesh initiative.

It also covers how Witboost helps an organization solve these challenges, maintain a technology-agnostic approach and embrace all the core Data Mesh principles for a functional Data Mesh implementation delivered faster and with lower risk than other approaches.

Starting with the gradual implementation to demonstrate its potential and quick time-to-market and ending with consolidation across many years, organizations can use this 3-phased approach to implementing Data Mesh and assessing its value by themselves.

The whitepaper delves into:

  • The challenges of each obstacle

  • The impacts of each obstacle

  • The solution to each obstacle

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Data Product Flow:

How to Identify Data Products

Data Product Flow is the ultimate framework for identifying and defining Data Products within the dynamic landscape of Data Mesh. Navigating the complexities of Data Products is essential for organizational success. Our methodology bridges the gap between theory and practice, empowering you to harness the full potential of your data.

Data Product Flow provides a structured approach to define Data Products with clarity and precision.

Data Mesh Discussions

The Data Stack Show

Decoding Data Mesh: Principles, Practices, and Real-World Applications

Paolo Platter, our CTO and Co-Founder was part of an all-star team on Data Mesh comprised of its creator Zhamak Dehghani, Founder and CEO of NextData and Creator of Data Mesh, and Melissa Logan, Director of the Data Mesh Learning Community.

They joined hosts Eric and Kostas to discuss what Data Mesh is, the shift from monolithic to microservices, how to get started with data mesh, define what data products are and what they are not, and much more


Implementing Data Mesh Initiatives

Paolo Platter, Co-Founder and CTO discusses data mesh, from basic principles to use-case specifics, with Christina Stathopoulos, Data Whisperer and Data Expert. Key parts of the discussion:

  • Our role in the Data Mesh Paradigm
  • 4 Pillars of Data Mesh
  • Challenges in implementing Data Mesh for enterprises
  • Data Mesh Benefits (vs. monolithic models)
  • Client Use Case: Our first Data Mesh implementation
Witboost Logo_New2023

Witboost: Data Mesh Enabler

Witboost is the ideal platform upon which to build a Data Mesh solution for companies of any size.

When Vishnu Chintamaneni, director of Engineering, and Anjali Gugle, Product Security and Data Strategy Manager at Cisco (one of the largest technology companies in the world, ranking 74 on the Fortune 100 list), envisioned "Stellaris" - a new data and API platform based on the Data Mesh architecture, the choice was obvious: build it on the Witboost platform.

The project aims at solving the scalability problem of their current architecture. This will allow Cisco to become more data-driven, democratize data, making it available securely for proper use.