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The Total Economic Impact™ of Witboost

A Case Study by Forrester Research

Discover how a company with a presence across Europe and generating $15 billion in annual revenue leveraged Witboost to its advantage.

Uncover the significant role Witboost has played in revolutionizing corporate transformation projects across the board. For a full three years, Forrester Research has rigorously analyzed how Witboost has reshaped the data management framework of data-centric businesses, offering a definitive view of its impact.

Discover your own ROI potential using the calculator based on the Total Economic Impact methodology.


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Test your organization's Data Governance maturity level and your Data Mesh readiness with our engaging assessments. You'll receive your results as well as a report detailing your score and additional information on your organization's respective level.

Data Mesh Readiness Assessment

Is your organization ready to adopt data mesh? Find out in the readiness assessment focused on the 5 critical areas within an organization.

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Deep discussions on relevant topics ranging from Data Governance to Data Mesh and more.

Governance Shift Left

CDM Media - Solutions Spotlight


Implementing Data Mesh Initiatives

EM360 Podcast


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Signature articles that always drive new avenues and/or refine data principles, practices, use cases, guides, and models.
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How to model Data Products

When it comes to modelling Data Products people go into panic. There are no clear rules, only some conceptual and not actionable indications.

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