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Witboost 1.0 is Live

Witboost Version 1.0.0 is now live. Release notes include the introduction of blueprints and the full release of the Computational Governance Platform.


Witboost Verion 1.0.0

Our technology agnostic, modular platform that helps its users discover, elevate and productize their data has reached a great milestone by reaching version 1.0.0.

Our team of data engineers and platform engineers have worked relentlessly to make this happen and have released the most stable and full-featured version of Witboost yet.

Here are a few release notes:

  • Blueprints - these are collections of templates that help users create complex data products in a guided way.
  • Full release of the Computational Governance Platformthe platform to create, test, and evolve computational policies, including breaking changes policies.
  • Register more than one component from one template - by creating a template with duplicated phases for extraction, publish and registration.
  • Dependencies' vulnerabilities on the platform - codebase vulnerabilities have been reduced.

Check out the full release notes in our Witboost Documentation.

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