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Witboost 1.3.0 is Live

Witboost 1.3.0 is live. Release notes include the Wizard Editor, Template Styles, among others. Check out our infographic for a timeline of releases.


Witboost 1.3.0 Features

Witboost has achieved another historic milestone with its 1.3.0 iteration, bringing even more features and bug fixes that will boost its capabilities as well as improve the UI and UX. These changes will enable you to work faster and better on your data initiatives within Witboost.

Here is the changelog:

  • Wizard Editor - edit your component or Data Products directly on the platform
  • Template Styles - new template styles added to the ever-growing library
  • Provisioning plans - improved page loading speed
  • Fixed issues - UI + UX improvements

Celebrating Witboost Iterations

To celebrate the iterations, as well as look back to where we started, we created an infographic showcasing the evolution of Witboost across all its versions.

Witboost Realeases Timeline Infographic - 1920 x 1080 px

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