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Witboost Starter Kit - First Open Source Release

The first drop of our open-source Witboost Starter Kit. Build your data components with golden paths and automation, and hit the ground running.


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We are proud to announce the first drop of our Witboost Starter Kit!

This first drop is an open source release that allows organizations to adopt and integrate any technology, system, or pattern while maintaining their usage standards of a specific technology in record time. The Starter Kit provides a "batteries included" version of our platform where you can quickly get started with your data initiatives.

Currently, the Starter Kit includes two features:

  1. Provisioners
  2. Templates


A Specific Provisioner is a microservice which is in charge of deploying components that use a specific technology. When a Data Product deployment is triggered, the platform orchestrates every component within.

There are two main projects available here:

  1. Provisioners: actual implementations for a specific technology that is customizable.
  2. Scaffolds: projects that can be started from scratch if you want to implement a provisioner yourself.


Templates is a tool that helps create data components and builds "golden paths" across the organization.

It establishes best practices for technology use and leads to easier understanding, management, and maintenance of components. Templates provides a pre-defined structure so no need to start from scratch each time. This also leads to faster development and allows developers to focus on other aspects, such as testing and business logic.

What's Next?

This is just the first release of the Starter Kit with a lot more in store. We're planning to add 3 more features to round out the Starter Kit and provide a minimized customization so you can hit the ground running.

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