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Witboost Version 1.4 is Live

Witboost 1.4 includes Access Control Administration, customizable data access request workflow, and the Starter Kit supporting Cloudera and Hasura.


The new release of Witboost includes major improvements to several features. Let's take a look:

Access Control Administration

With it, the data product owner can now have complete visibility and control over the consumers who have access to their output ports. With the new user interface, they can easily administer ACLs and manage permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data.

Data Access Request Workflow

This feature has been enhanced to allow customization through templates. This empowers organizations to streamline their processes and tailor the request forms according to their specific requirements.

Multiple models can now be used to configure ACLs, including the attribute-based model, offering flexibility and adaptability to different access control scenarios.

In addition, this release introduces the integration with third-party authorization workflow systems like Service Now. This means that organizations can seamlessly connect their existing authorization processes with the Starter Kit, simplifying the management of access requests and ensuring a consistent and secure authorization workflow.

Moreover, the Starter Kit has expanded its technology coverage by now supporting Cloudera and Hasura (GraphQL). With these additions, organizations can leverage the power of these popular technologies to enhance their data products.


For more information, take a look a the release notes in the Witboost documentation.

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