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Witboost Version 1.5 is Live

Witboost Version 1.5 includes updates to the deployment experience, UI/UX improvements, and new additions to the Starter Kit.


Another month sees another version of our platform bring improvements. Witboost 1.5 is now live with the following updates.


Improved Deployment Experience

The Deployment Experience has been improved, removing the control panel tab and splitting functionalities into two main tabs: "edit & test" and "deployment":

  • The Edit and test allows users to test their data project against computational policies. The tab is set to become the main place where users will edit their components. Now users can navigate through components and check their metadata in one unified page.
  • Deployment now serves as the central hub for overseeing releases and deployments, where we have streamlined terminology and operations to better guide our users.  Every release now features its own dedicated deployment panel, offering the option to deploy components collectively or individually. This significant enhancement aims to accelerate iteration throughout the development lifecycle, providing greater flexibility and efficiency.

Schema editors have been introduced to simplify data contract creation and other complex objects. This change comes along with more powerful templates that bring more powerful automation with themselves.

Update View Schema


Data Access Control Improvements

Data project owners now have the capability to oversee and control access to their data projects. Additionally, each platform user can easily view the specific data they have permission to access through the Settings and Profile section under Data Access.

Data Access Control

UX/UI Improvements

Continuing our commitment to enhancing the user experience, we have refined various pages to ensure a seamless and polished interface. Here are some examples of the updated designs:
  • Data Project Overview
UI UX Improvement 1
  • Blueprints
    UI UX Improvement 2

Starter Kit Improvements

Improvements have also been brought to the Starter Kit. We now support the following technologies:
  • Cloudera ( Spark, Impala, S3 ) CDP Private and Public
  • Airbyte

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